Code of Ethics

 IDM Youth Services Inc. (IDM) recognizes that as a collective group of individuals we create the environment we want for our persons served and ourselves. IDM expects employees to show up for every shift as the best possible version of themselves. Employees should conduct themselves to the highest ethical standard in any activity that can reflect upon the mission, values, goals, reputation, and professionalism of IDM. IDM acknowledges that not all ethical issues that arise in this business can be addressed in this Code of Ethics. Employees should practice common sense to make sound judgements on behalf of IDM to act in accordance with this Code of Ethics. The IDM Code of Ethics provides resources to empower employees to act ethically and in legal compliance in their everyday practice.


In accordance with our purpose to provide the youth we serve with the best possible care, IDM Youth Services has taken the extra steps to earn their three-year CARF Canada accreditation, first awarded in 2017. This accreditation is the highest standards that a group home company can achieve. In addition to this rigorous accreditation, IDM Youth Services is a member of the Federation of Community Social Services of BC. 



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